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Howardian Dental Practice

Here at the Howardian Dental Practice we appreciate the time it take to fully asses, accurately identify and discuss treatment needs. With this in mind we aim to avoid the conveyor belt approach sometimes seen, and allocate sufficient time so that patents never feel rushed.

All new adult patients are assigned a 30 minute initial assessment appointment. ....... Where further treatment is required a realistic length of time is allocated which enables us to create the relaxed environment we aim for.

To this end our rates must reflect the time spent with each patient, however, our feedback is that patents genuinely appreciate the treatments being provided in an un-rushed manner, especially those who are a little anxious.



New Patient Examination (Including 2 X-rays, simple scaling session or oral health instruction)


New Patient Examination, Full Dentures


Routine Examination (Including simple scaling session)


Routine Examination- Full Dentures (annual)


Child’s Examination
(Ages 0-6 with a fee paying adult)
(Ages 6-11)
(Ages 12-18)

Prices From :

Silver Fillings From

From: £55.00

White Fillings From

From: £60.00

Root Canal Treatment From (Inc 2 X-rays but not permanent filling)

From: £255.00

Full Gold Crown

From: £605.00

White Non Precious Crown

From: £510.00


From: £632.00

Extractions From (Including 1 X-ray)

From: £103.00

All appointments are currently subject to an additional PPE fee of £25 for non aerosol generating procedures and £40 for aerosol generating procedures ( use of drill/ scaler, etc) this will be reviewed throughout the year.

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 Hours notice may incur a fee.

Many patients opt to take advantage of our Monthly Payment Plan which starts with twice yearly visits for adults for less than 50 p per day, its Worldwide Emergency Assistance Scheme  gives peace of mind when travelling in the UK or abroad.

Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Consultation Appointment - Free
Wrinkle Reduction (1 Area) - £200.00
Further areas by units used
Facial Fillers - from £250.00
Chemical Peels - from £60.00

Full detailed costing's of treatments are provided on your personal treatment plan.