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What you can expect at your first appointment (Non-Emergency)

We will take your personal details and a full medical history to enable you to be treated safely. We will then discuss your concern, and examine your mouth fully, checking your soft tissues the tongue and cheeks for any signs of abnormality including oral cancer. Susequently we will chart the condition of the gums and teeth. It is usual in patients who still have their teeth to have x-rays taken. Having reviewed these, we will then inform you of our initial assessment and any treatment needed. This will be costed out for you and further explanation given as required.

Sometimes it may be that several treatment options are given for you to select from as there may be more than one solution to your problem. Where any proposed treatment requires more specialised treatment this will be discussed with you and appropriate referrals made to local specialists practitioners.

Emergency Treatments

We recognise that there are many barriers to routine dental treatment; however this renders you more vulnerable to pain. Our aim is to quickly and efficiently manage your pain, solve your dental problem and encourage you to attend regularly whilst adopting good habits. This will hopefully reduce or avoid the need for emergency treatment in the future.

What you can expect at your Emergency appointment

We will take your personal details and a full medical history to enable you to be treated safely. We will then discuss and examine your problem and the available solutions (as there may be more than one) you then decide which best suits your needs.

Sometimes we are able to finalise your treatment there and then, other times it may be necessary to book another appointment. We always endeavour to stop or minimise any pain you may have at the first appointment.

Crowns and Bridges

We are experienced in crown and bridge work including more complex cases. Crowns can be used to rebuild badly broken teeth and bridges are an alternative to dentures and implants to replace missing teeth.

Gum Therapy

By carefully observing and measuring your gums we are able to monitor their health and where appropriate institute gum treatments to maximise their health. We will advise you on the best methods to maintain your gum health at home to minimise tooth loss.

Root Canal Treatments

This can be used to retain a painful or abscessed tooth. Modern dentistry has minimised the pain often associated with this type of treatment with patients commenting on how much easier it was than they anticipated.

Oral Health Education

We now have the services of Mrs Jan Smith who is a trained Oral Health Educator, Jan is able to deliver advice on the care of your mouth bespoke to your needs taking into account your lifestyle.

We will advise you on which tooth brush and toothpaste is suitable for you. Personalised brushing techniques, diet advice, implant and denture care will be discussed at your appointment.

Preventative Dentistry

By a process of education, with demonstration we can help you to improve your oral health. We love to encourage our younger patients into good habits in the hope that they will benefit with a lifetime of a healthy mouth. However we are also able to use the latest methods on those patients who struggle with dental disease to minimise its effects and restore them to oral health.


Sometimes all our efforts to save a tooth fail, or at presentation the tooth is unrestorable. When this happens we may have to remove the tooth. You can be assured that we have gained substantial experience in the removal of teeth. This can be done in a painless and comfortable manner, again patients often comment how much easier it was than they has anticipated.


We use veneers to cover the front face of teeth to allow us to improve their shape, colour and appearance. This type of treatment is associated with celebrities and ‘makeover’ shows; however similar results can often be achieved by using modern white fillings without the same degree of damage to the natural tooth.


We are able to provide bespoke dentures for you, we aim to make them look as natural and aesthetic as possible with a comfortable fit and good function, we are able to use precision attachments to further tighten the fit, and this will help you to be more confident about denture wearing.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We have experience in taking heavily restored or badly worn dentitions and rebuilding them into comfortable, aesthetic and functional mouths. Some people consider that their mouths are beyond repair however with modern dentistry this is not always the case. Why not give us an opportunity to see what we can do to help you?

Tooth Whitening

Sometimes our natural teeth start to darken and even professional cleaning does not restore them to an acceptable result, in these cases tooth whitening can be used to restore their colour and really lift the smile.

White & Silver Fillings

We provide excellent quality fillings utilising different materials for different applications. We guarantee our fillings for 1 year.

Denture Repairs

These can be organised for you with a local technician. Repairs usually take between 24 & 48 hours.

Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

We have several years’ experience in facial aesthetic treatments, which can be provided with or without cosmetic dentistry. The procedures are easy to have and are used to soften lines and define facial contours to make you look refreshed, more serene and youthful.

Botulinum is used to relax muscles which results in the reduction or erasure of wrinkles. Popular treatment areas are frown lines and laughter lines. Results last between three and five months.

We also use hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of the skin, to treat deeper lines and wrinkles. Results are immediately visible. This technique gives fabulous results when used to enhance the lip. It can also be used to raise depressed scars to make them less noticeable.

Skin damage is a common problem and can lead to pigmentation and other skin damage. We have a variety of skin peels we can prescribe to address skin problems from light peels which can be used as a pre-event 'pick me up', to a program of peels of increasing intensity which can be used to firm the skin.

We also use depigmentation peels which require a week’s ‘down time’ but give a visible reduction in brown spots and an increase in skin firmness.