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Howardian Dental Practice

Here at the Howardian Dental Practice we believe in providing a clean, safe professional service for all. With this in mind we have used market leading equipment and dental materials. In the gallery below you can see our well appointed and comfortable reception area and dental surgery. Also pictured is the newly built decontamination room which complies with recent guidance.

We pride ourselves on the warmth of our welcome and our ability to put even the most anxious of patients at ease, because we are a small surgery you can relax and enjoy our up to date magazine selection without being bombarded with marketing messages. If Dr Parker recommends a treatment to you it will be on a personal level in the privacy of the surgery.

Below you can also view a small number of examples of dental work undertaken and Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation. As can be seen the results are subtle to enhance the patients features. We believe that as Dentists we are in a unique position of dealing with proportion and facial aesthetics every day, which allows us to develop an 'eye' for such matters. We don't believe in the term 'Cosmetic Dentistry' because we believe all treatments should be 'cosmetic'.

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